Friday, March 16, 2007

Any Day Now

A recent variety report echoes my suspicions that we will soon learn the fate of Caprica.

The article mainly deals with Battlestar Executive Producer David Eick and his new slate of projects. One that caught my eye was a show called "Guilty Pleasures" in which he teams up with partner-in-crime Ron Moore, also of Battlestar fame. You should read the entire article; it thankfully proves that these guys are going to be influencing the television world for some time.

Speaking of Battlestar Galactica, we viewers have reached the last two episodes of season three. While the quality of this season has been a roller coaster of sorts, I'm confident these last episodes (particularly "The Son Also Rises") are returning the show to top form.

On BSG, a new character has revealed that he knew and mentored under Joesph Adama, who will play the lead character on the Caprica prequel. It is interesting because we are beginning to see how different this man was compared to his son, Bill Adama. Surely the writers were aware of the pilot and the descriptions they give us now will match the young lawyer who fights against the Cylons.

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