Friday, August 04, 2006

Another Web-Series!?

That's right, folks! But this series is not directly related to Battlestar Galactica. Paul Campbell, who played the late Billy on BSG, left his gig on Galactica to pursue a lead in another show. Unfortunatley, said show did not make it past the pilot stage and, like so many other potentials, ended up in the scrapheap. iF magazine has written a story about the show, Nobody's Watching, and it's life-after-death success on the Internet. Read the snipet below, or check out the entire article for yourself:

Normally when a pilot fails that's where the story ends. However, for SCRUBS creator Bill Lawrence and his new show NOBODY'S WATCHING, that was just the beginning. Somewhere along the lines the pilot made it onto the webs biggest video site Split into three segments, people were able to watch the entire first episode. Similar to the resurrection of Fox's FAMILY GUY, the sheer number of viewers, an estimated 400,000 as of this writing, has caught the attention of NBC Entertainment President Kevin Reilly.

"I'd like to announce that we are continuing down a somewhat unique development path with... NOBODY'S WATCHING," says Reilly. "The show will continue to produce new webisodes focusing on the two hapless stars [Derek and Will Taran Killam and Paul Campbell respectively] while they bounce around Hollywood."

According to Reilly, during this time, Lawrence and co-creator Neil Goldman will work on scripts "with the intention of producing an on-air primetime series for NBC."

Thanks to the editor of iFMagazine for the heads-up! If I get some spare time over the weekend, I'll direct link these videos to the blog. I personally have not watched the pilot but will do so very soon.


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