Friday, July 14, 2006

Eick's Feeling Spoilery

Hey, it's some news... and a crap-load of spoilers about Season 3 of Battlestar Galactica! David Eick talks BSG Season 3 and Caprica in the a new interview with Now Playing Magazine. Mr. Eick graciously spills the beans on events for episodes 1-10. Read this story at your own risk!!! You might feel a little dirty afterwards. I've pasted the second half of the article below, which deals with Caprica info and not B-Star G (as Kevin Smith would call it).

NP: In the coming season, are you splitting your time on this and the development of Caprica?

DE: No, because we spent a handful of days in a room with Remi Aubuchon, the writer, breaking the story, and we spent a day or so working on the outline with him. But really, that's in such an embryonic stage that it hasn't pulled us away. I mean, we should be so lucky to be sitting here going, "Gee, what do we do today, Caprica or Galactica?" It's not at that stage yet. Right now, it's just a script that none of us have even read yet because it's being written.

NP: It's something that will take place in the past, right?

DE: Yes. Exactly. It takes place about 50 years ago. It's in the Galactica universe, only 50 years before the events of Battlestar.

NP: Will we see any familiar characters, then?

DE: No. At least, not for the most part.

NP: Will we see Cylons like we know them now?

DE: It is about the birth of the artificial intelligence technology that will one day lead to the Cylon race. So on that level, it deals with the Cylons. But certainly not in the same way that we deal with them on our show.

NP: Is there anything more you can say?

DE: The script is still being written.

This is nothing really new to bring to the table. Based off of previous reports we knew that the script is still being developed. But yay for SOMETHING!

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