Monday, July 03, 2006

Kinda... Sorta News?

As you can tell, news of the Caprica spinoff series has been a little dry as of late. The only "news" I can report (and this is stretching it a bit) is that Mrs. Moore, via the Sci Fi boards, has reported that Ron Moore has the script and is going over it currently. She also informs the fans that this whole process might take a year or so (not surprisingly). And yes, it really is Ron M's wife; she started posting on the Sci Fi boards a while back.

Rohmaan:This so called "caprica" it has had no updates about it in 6 months has no cast info a paper thin plot this plot looks like a plot for a soap opera on ABC.

They are working on the scripts. It takes some time before a show gets on the air. It might be another year before it is finished.

So... if you are interested in reading the thread click here (MrsRon picks up on page 2). And while you are/are not doing this, I'll be hanging my head in shame and desperately looking for some meaty news-worthy material.

Hang in there folks!


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