Saturday, May 27, 2006

Producer Spills More Details

Remi Aubuchon recently spoke with Dreamwatch Magazine regarding the new Caprica series. The story comes to us from the SciFi Pulse website. In the interview, the producer addresses the direction for the show, insisting that Caprica will defintely stand on its own when compared to Battlestar Galactica.

"I had pitched a story to NBC/Universal Studios independent of Battlestar (an allegorical story about slavery with robots) and Ron [Moore] and David [Eick] were considering a prequel, but were obviously busy with their obligations on the current show so the studio suggested we meet. We hit it off big - time and within a couple of months, the three of us had worked out the concept, took it to Sci Fi and by January we'd sold it."

In regards to ties with Galactica this series will focus more on a less advanced civilisation, which has only just started to traverse space and has just invented a primitive form of robots called Cylons. The show will only share a few historical elements with the present series of Battlestar.

"In Caprica, William Adama is 11 - years old; most of the characters on Battlestar haven't been born yet! The context of the Battlestar world gives us more storytelling opportunities, at least for fans, because there will be some answers to the burning questions that I have had."

Remi Aubuchon as an individual is someone who hasn't really written much within the Science Fiction genre for Television and some may question his judgement because of this. However Aubuchon insists that this show will be so much more than a Sci Fi series, a genre to itself maybe?

"This is more than a science fiction show. This is a very human story about how out own hubris can lead us to disaster. This is a show that owes itself more to Dallas in some ways than to Star Trek. I feel very equipped. I do have a few credits lurking around that are close; From the Earth to the Moon (which is more science than fiction) and a fantasy pilot for NBC called young Arthur."

One burning question on the lips of many people is the potential for cross over stories. Aubuchon revealed that certain elements have been embedded into the first few episodes of season 3, however the Caprica series for the most part will definitely stand on its own.

"We want Caprica to stand on it's own. We're hoping that people who've never heard of Battlestar Galactica (there must be one or two!) can still watch Caprica and not feel they're out of the loop somehow."

I suppose that if you are a fan of Dallas this is glorious news. Regardless of the specifics of how Caprica will look and feel, these recent comments have been adding some interesting layers to the show. Stay tuned.


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