Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Caprica Script in Early Stages

Michael Ausiello's long-awaited interview with Battlestar executive producer David Eick has been posted. In the Q&A session, Mr. Eick spills more information about the upcoming BSG season 3, the Caprica spin-off, and how he plans to handle the extra workload. Here's a snippet of the interview, with portions related to you-know-what:

Ausiello: What's the latest on the Caprica spin-off?

It's in the very earliest embryonic stages. We're now working on the outline with Remi Aubuchon, who's the writer. We're going to be submitting the document to the network in the next week or so.

Fans are worried that your attention will be pulled away from the original and it'll suffer.

I think the difference this time is that we have a partner in Remi, who's going to be taking the lead with the new project. And the new project, at this point, is in the very earliest stages. Ron [Moore] and I [aren't] approaching Caprica like we approached Galactica, which is to say it was just the two of us. We're deeply involved with Caprica, and we're very enthusiastic and thrilled with the opportunity, but when it comes to the detail work of pounding out the script, there's a third partner involved who's at the helm. And that, I think, is the job that tends to be the one that creates the distractions and dilutes a person's attention and focus. So in this particular case we don't have that problem.

Has Sci Fi ordered a pilot, or is it just a script?

Right now it's a script. We'll probably know if it's a pilot around July.

There you have it. You can read the full interview at the TV Guide blog website. There are a few spoilers regarding events in the third season of Galactica in the article so please read at your own risk!

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