Monday, February 12, 2007

No Caprica news... Galactica still meh

Sorry folks, but there hasn't been much to say regarding Caprica. I imagine that news regarding the confirmation or deconfirmation or whatever you want to call it should break soon.

I did just finish watching the latest Battlestar Galactica episode entitled "The Woman King." I'll keep this short but this episode was in a word... awful! I'm reminded of the hideous "Black Market" when I think about how ridiculously terrible this episode transpired to be. Gods... why can't Helo ever be wrong about anything on this show! What happened to letting us, the viewers, look at the problems presented on the show from varied perspectives while blurring the line between right and wrong? Instead we get this one-sided drivel. There is no excuse; the writers are better than this. I haven't really enjoyed a single episode of 3.5 yet. And, after seeing the previews to next week's "douse of an ep," I think that sad tradition might continue.

Come on, Galactica crew, give me some compelling TV! At least you have another year to try and do just that.


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