Monday, September 18, 2006

Caprica Pilot Too Dark?

USA President Bonnie Hammer slipped some info about Caprica in a recent article. She said that the pilot for the show is being reworked to produce a lighter tone. She also hints that late 2007 could be the timeframe in which we finally see the project.

Ms. Hammer said the show's planned spinoff "Caprica" is still in development, with a recent pilot script being reworked to have a slightly lighter tone. If all goes well, a fourth-quarter 2007 debut is possible, she said.

I had hoped that issues with the pilot would have been ironed out by now. On the bright side, at least the show is still a work in progress.

I urge BSG fans to check out the webisodes on the main Galactica page. These shorts tell us of the events that take place between Seasons 2 and 3. While they do not live up to the caliber of regular BSG, they do manage to tease us enough until the real premiere next month.


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