Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Scripts arive at SCIFI

The New York Post recently confirmed that the first scripts for the Galactica spinoff have arrived. Here's a snippet of the SYFYPortal article:

October 30 2006) - SciFi Channel isn't all talk when it comes to "Battlestar Galacitca," and that includes its proposed spinoff, "Caprica." The New York Post is reporting that the first scripts have arrived on the desks of the network cable officials this week presenting a story that is not based in space, or really even a lot of action. It's more or less a new look into the origin of the Cylons.

Click here to read the entire article. It's more of the same stuff we already know: the show is more drama, more family, less sci-fi, kinda like "Dallas in space," etc. Here's to hoping (raises glass) that things pick up a bit more after this news. Otherwise I'm going to make a banner for this site with tumbleweed on it.


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